These boxes are a gift to you and your family this Christmas season. This is one simple way to help us all keep our eyes on Jesus & People this Christmas season. 

Below Is everything you need to make your Family Christmas Box experience AMAZING! Take a few minutes to explore each section and make the most of putting Jesus in the center of Christmas this year!


Setting up “Journey to Bethlehem” is simple because it follows similar rules to Elf on the Shelf.  Mary and Joseph will “travel to Bethlehem” around the house the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve. Every night, set Mary, Joseph, and a numbered scripture card in a new location for your kids to find during the day before finally completing their journey to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve.  Have fun!

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How To Use The Cards

As a family, choose a card and complete a new act of service each day.

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Pick a new card each day for a fun family activity.

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Listen to a fun Christmas Song each day.  Save the Happy Birthday song for Christmas Day.

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Scan the QR Code for a sweet Christmas playlist.



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